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Customize your website color from the color settings options. Here you will find a color setting for –

  • Global
  • Header
  • Main menu
  • Title container
  • Footer top colors
  • Footer


Here from the global option, you can set global color for your website’s button, links, hover, form background, border, text and content background color. This global color will be applicable anywhere in your website elements with the default color you set.


Set primary and secondary header background color, bottom border color, text color from here. You can also set icon color as well as icon hover color.

Main menu

You can add the main menu text color, hover color, button color, button text color etc from here. You can also set the color of your website submenu and mobile menu color.

Text container

Add text container background color, text color and border color.

Footer top color

Set the icon color, title color and description color of the footer top section.


You can add primary footer and secondary footer background color, border-top color,  text color, link color, hover color etc from here.

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