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Here in the General setting option, you will find the following option:

  • Site identity – Set your website title and tagline
  • Social profile – Add your social profile link
  • Logo – Add website logo
  • Sticky posts – Add a featured post
  • Custom – Add custom CSS
  • Development mode – Enable or disable development mode
  • Site configuration – Improve your site performance
  • Homepage settings – Setup your homepage

Site identity

From the site identity option, you can add your website title and tagline. There is also an option to hide the title and tagline. So if you want you can hide the title or tagline from your website.

You can also add a site icon from here. Site Icons are what you see in browser tabs, bookmark bars. Upload your site icon from here.

Social Profiles

You can add your social profile links from here. By default, Ayyash theme has all the popular social profiles on the list. You can delete the social profile by clicking the delete icon on every social profile. You can change the text, icon and add a link too.

To add a social profile just click on the add profile button.


Upload your website logo from here. You can also add a retina logo which will be visible only on devices with a screen width of more than 2500px. You can also add Favicon as .png or .ico format. After adding a logo you need to hide the tagline.


Here in the custom CSS field, you can add your custom CSS code to add your own style.


Site Configuration

Here in the site configuration option, you can enable the lazy loading features which will increase your website performance.

Homepage Settings

You can choose what’s displayed on the homepage of your site. It can be posted in reverse chronological order (classic blog), or a fixed/static page. To set a static homepage, you first need to create two Pages. One will become the homepage, and the other will be where your posts are displayed.

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